Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WCW - The letter H

This week's close-your-eyes-and-poke-a-random-letter-on-the-keyboard letter of the week is "H", brought to you by TKW.

Last evening I had just settled in to watch "America's Talentless Hordes" or whatever that show is called, when my five-year-old came running in to announced that the neighbor had found a baby bird in their barn. She didn't want it, but wanted to know if we did. So we got up and went next door. I have never seen such a tiny bird that wasn't in a nest. We decided to try and take care of it, so we built it a little nest in a flower pot and then started digging for worms.

This morning, I fully expected it to be dead. It's so tiny and frail, and I don't know how often you have to feed a baby bird, but we didn't feed it during the night. And yet, it's still alive and kicking! We mashed up some worms and fed him breakfast and now he's sleeping. So with no further ado, may I present our hatchling!It's only about an inch and a half long. It must have just come out of its egg yesterday. But the good news is he's healthy so far, as evidenced by the bird poop behind him. As I learned with babies, if they're pooping, they're probably okay. I'll keep you updated!


  1. OMG...have you ever seen something so homely? Cute........!!!!!

    Good luck!

    HHHHHatchling!!!! Bonus Points!

  2. Wow, that's crazy!!! Too cute!

  3. I agree with TKW. How HOMELY. The body looks like an extracted heart or rotting prune or something equally as tragic. But then again, newborn, day-old puppies and kitties aren't much of an improvement over this fella. Jana should get double bonus points for HATCHLING and HOMELY.