Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun with welding

Today's Fake Quote:
"A joke should always be in good taste." - C. Rock
Last night, Hubby was laying in bed reading something on his computer. I looked over his shoulder and saw the words "butt weld." Now, I spent the entire last semester of his college career helping him study. I know what a butt weld is. But for some reason it struck me funny.

"Butt weld?" I said. "That sounds painful." He ignored me. "And how do you go to the bathroom?" More blatant ignoring. I glanced at the screen again.

"Large and varied application? I guess it depends on the person," I snickered. He groaned. I rolled over to go to sleep. But I couldn't resist one last comment.

"Hey, do butt welds ever crack?"


  1. You are good.

    I didn't know what butt weld was - so had to look it up. Now I know.