Thursday, February 14, 2008

English sonnet

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This month's poetic form is one of my favorites, the English sonnet. Robin's assignment is to write about love, for Valentine's Day. But it's love with a twist - we're supposed to write about something we love, not someone. So here we go!

You had me from the moment we first met
Such mystery from tragedy begun!
You've never failed to tantalize me yet,
And out of all you are my favorite one.

In fourteen lines I never could explain
The things you do that keep me coming back.
The humor, twists and turns, the joy and pain
Are elements you're never found to lack.

The mysteries you weave are never through,
For just when one is solved a new one starts.
Each week we wait to learn just one thing new
That will make sense of all your many parts.

Oh how I love to watch LOST on tv!
Watch it tonight - you'll come back and thank me!


  1. I love this poem! You have captured my own quirky love for LOST!!!

  2. Before I even got to the end I knew it was about Lost LOL!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Ahhh, I new you were a "Lost" fan so it slowly sank in what you were talking about. I bet the writers would think it's a RIOT to have viewers writing POETRY about the show! My land, girl!

    Thanks for joining in this month, I can tell you're comfortable in the poetry ride it VERY well (and yes, this was a fantastic entry!)

    :) Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Robin @ PENSIEVE

  4. This was great! I too am a Lost fan, so I loved this piece.

    Mine is over here:

  5. Great sonnet but the TV show LOST me with the polar bear in the tropics...sometimes, I'm just too literal for my own good.

    And your background? I gave up coffee for Lent!

  6. HA! At the start of the 2nd Stanza I had it figured out! (but of course - I know your obsession with Lost!)

    Great job!

  7. I'm lost when people talk about the Lost show. ;) But it's a very good sonnet!