Monday, February 04, 2008

Joining the Polar Bear Club

Hubby told me this morning that he ran out of hot water. This is definitely unusual, and we had noticed problems with the water heater recently. But I certainly didn't expect there would be NO hot water when I went to shower!

I did my workout as usual this morning, an hour of dancing and sweating with my girl Edyta. Then I turned on the shower and got ready to get in. I felt the water. Still cold. It often takes a moment to heat up, so I waited. Nothing. I turned on the sink, trying to get the hot water upstairs faster. Still nothing. Eventually the sink water got... slightly warm. So I'm standing there, sweaty and generally stinky, and I've got no hot water. What to do?

Right. I jumped into the cold water. I did NOT wash my hair. I was not anxious to look like one of the dead extras from Titanic with ice in my hair. I quickly soaped down and rinsed, then hopped out. I'm fully dressed now, but still shivering a little. I'm sensing a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot in our future. And now for some HOT coffee!


  1. They had pics of people doing the polar plunge through the years in our Sunday paper and all I could think freakin' way.

    You are brave. I would have stayed dirty.

    (bows down)

  2. Oh man, you're brave! That's just awful when you have to take a cold shower.

    Do you think you need to replace your water heater? Yikes!

  3. TKW - I had no choice. Believe me, you would've done it too if you smelled as bad as I did!

    Jen - Fortunately, it was just a bad element. Everything seems to be good now!

  4. That had me cold!

    Winter is a bad time foe the water heater to go out!

    Hope you get it fixed soon!