Friday, February 01, 2008

LOST premiere!

I can't help it, I have to talk about it. I thought the season premiere last night was fantastic! Of course, in typical LOST fashion, they raised more new questions than they answered old ones, but that's why we love it, right?

First of all, the Oceanic Six? So, only six of the survivors make it off the island? Wow, that's sad. Okay, we know Jack and Kate, and now we know Hurley, so who are the other three? At first I thought Claire, but just because she gets in a helicopter doesn't mean she makes it back. And would she count as one person, or would they count her and Aaron as two? We know Sun wants desperately to get off the island, but does that mean Jin gets off, too? And would the six include Others like Juliet, because they weren't on the plane, so would they be referred to as part of a group from the plane? Probably not.

OR... what if "Oceanic Six" refers to the only six people, out of all the survivors, to sue the airline? What if it's just a red herring to keep us guessing? Either way, I think there are actually way more than six people who leave the island. But we know that something goes terribly wrong, something Jack and Hurley are afraid to talk about. And it has to do with John Locke, who may or may not be insane.

Now, about that guy that visits Hurley in the mental hospital: is he Dharma? What information is he trying to get out of Hurley? It seems like, whoever he is, he's just as anxious as Jack to keep Hurley quiet - offering to take him to a "private" facility to get him away from other people. And speaking of Hurley, how did that other guy out on the lawn see Charlie? Weird.

Sawyer's probably going to die. Why else would they have him say he's surviving? And as long as I'm on that subject, doesn't Locke remember that they just had to go over the "security" fence around the barracks? Not very secure, especially when the freighter people have helicopters.

I'm excited to see what else this season reveals, despite the fact that I know I'm going to be screaming "NO!" at the end of it like I am every year. Those writers sure know how to torture us.


  1. One day I will get the seasons and just watch all the episodes back to back.

    I did watch the premier of Eli Stone - I sorta like it

  2. LOL - I also say "NO!" at the end of each episode. I HATE being left hanging. I can't wait until next week.

    The whole thing with Hurley is so confusing. Is he crazy? How can Charlie be dead but "there", too? Ergh! Too many questions!

    I totally didn't catch the "Oceanic 6" thing --- SIX. Holy cow - that's not enough! :*(

    Did you see this weird subliminal commercial??

    I love and hate the LOST writers all at the same time. LOL.

  3. So... did your side of the nation see a different episode? The one we saw here in Washington didn't have Claire getting into a helicopter. I'm confused. Our station had only a 1 hour season premier with another hour that was a total recap.

    My question is... why is everyone saying that someone "said" that the boat was Penny's boat? I'll have to go watch that episode again because to me it seemed like everyone "assumed" that it was Penny's boat but no one really knew for sure. The speculation was all based on Desmond's vision/dream.

    I'm thinking that with the history of having 3 years of flashbacks, it's gonna take 3 years of flashfowards before anyone actually gets off the island.

  4. Cheeky - yes, you must catch up before the last season at least!

    Tee - The writers mess with my head, but in a good way. Yes, six is too few - I think it's a red herring and there are actually a lot of survivors still alive.

    Anita - No, same episode. Desmond had a vision of Claire getting into a helicopter IF Charlie drowned, which he did, so everyone's assuming she will leave the island that way. Naomi actually told Desmond that Penny sent them to find him in one of the last episodes of the season last year. She left no doubt that they were sent on a methodic search for Desmond by Penny Widmore.