Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That's my Secret

Today's Fake Quote:
"What's that awful smell?" - P. LePew
Days like this annoy me - when it should be snowing, but it's raining instead. And it's always like six inches of rain, which would be like six feet of snow, which would be fun! But no, we get rain. Anyway...

I bought some deodorant the other day and left it sitting on the table. The three-year-old wanted me to open it. I told him no, it was for me, to keep me from stinking (what? that's what it's for!). So he said, "I stink, too!" Hehe. Can't argue there!


  1. Pepe is the only one who can't smell anything.

  2. Manchild has insisted on having his own deodorant since he was like 4. He keeps it in his bathroom and will use it from time to time - its hilarious