Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow day!

Today's Fake Quote:
"I don't know why, but I've always liked cold weather." - F.T. Snowman
We had more snow here last night, but not much. Most of the storm went north of us. I'm a little disappointed. The boys love going out and playing in the snow - they even tried sledding on Wednesday. And I love watching them enjoy it.

It's not quite the same euphoria I used to feel as a child, but I still get that little thrill when I look outside in the morning and the ground is totally white. Kind of silly, really. It's not as if I'm getting a day off. The boys don't get a "snow day" because of it. And not only do I enjoy seeing snow, but I actually get a little annoyed when I see the radar images of huge snow storms that just glide to the north of us, like we have some sort of invisible shield around our county. And totally annoyed when I hear people complaining about it. It's snow, people! Be happy!

I found this poem the other day in a book of poetry for children and, while not the best poetryi n the world, I thought it just perfectly describes how I feel about snow:
Snow, Today and Me
by Linda Flashinski

Today, on this day
of the very first snow,
I walk and I walk,
with nowhere to go.
I'm so full inside
of the crispness of air,
of the snow on my lashes
and white everywhere.

Maybe when I am grown
this won't seem so new,
this firstness of white,
this winter-white stew.
Maybe then I won't feel
like I'm bursting inside
with this wintery fullness
I'm sure I can't hide.
Maybe then I'll just grumble
about the snow and the cold.
Maybe that's how I'll know
that I've finally grown old.

That one's for you, Dad. ;)


  1. An excellent fake quote that Frosty would indeed write.

  2. I love this poem. Printing to read to my husband a little later. Fav. part: "snow on my lashes, and white everywhere."

    Thanks, Jana!