Monday, February 18, 2008

The reign of terror continues

"The only thing harder to deal with than little boys is little girls." - Miss Hannigan
My youngest son has become quite the little dictator. Last night in the car he ordered everyone to be quiet so he could hear the song playing on the CD. His voice became increasingly louder until I feared we'd have to replace the windshield, which would certainly shatter at his next ear-piercing shriek. Fortunately, life is not like a cartoon. I stuck my fingers in my ears and we continued home.

But he has developed the strange notion that he controls everything in the house. I know this is normal in a three-year-old. To a certain extent. But when he goes about demanding things and screeching when he doesn't get them, that's not right. He has zero tolerance for anything that doesn't instantly go his way, and no clear understanding of the phrase "in a minute" (as in "I'll get you a drink in a minute, when I get off the toilet."). He insists that all of his food be served cold and his drinks be served warm, and woe to me if I happen to serve him a cold fish stick on a day when he's decided that actually, warm might be nice. But not too warm, as I found out yesterday, or he will scream in "pain" every time he picks up a fish stick.

His latest thing is telling anyone who is saying something he doesn't want to hear at the moment, "Don't talk to me, I have a headache." Gee, I wonder where he picked up this phrase?

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  1. OH HO HO! The headache thing sounds very familiar to me. Everything gives my daughter a headache. But, I have the perfect comeback: If you have a headache, maybe you need to go back to bed.

    Nothing like the threaten of bed cures that headache faster!

    Dreaming What ifs...