Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Marriage Monday

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Top Ten Tips for a Great Valentine's Celebration is this month's Marriage Monday topic (yes, I know it's Tuesday). Now, I have to be honest - Hubby and I don't really "celebrate" Valentine's Day. We might go out to dinner a few days before or a few days after, but fighting the crowds just because it's February 14 seems silly to both of us. This year, we went out on January 14, because a new Olive Garden was opening nearby. But herein lies my tip for all married couples: every day is an opportunity for Valentine's Day. It means so much more to get flowers or even a phone call on a random day than it does on a day everyone's supposed to do that stuff.

So, here are my tips for having a great Valentine's Day, any day of the year!
  1. Cook something special. Maybe it's his favorite dish, maybe it's a recipe for something you both enjoyed at a restaurant, or maybe it's burgers on the grill. Whatever turns you on, have it ready for him when he gets home. If you can send the kids to a friend's house that night, so much the better!
  2. Rent a favorite movie. If he's into romantic comedies, great, but try to find something you know he loves. Dim the lights, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up for a flick!
  3. Make dessert. Maybe you do this all the time, but I don't. It's usually a special occasion if I bake a cake or make some other sort of confection. Pick his favorite. Share a plate and feed each other!
  4. Start things up. You do know that physical intimacy doesn't always have to be his idea, right? Good. Speaking of which...
  5. Clean sheets. Always a good idea.
  6. Light some candles. Even if you're just eating meatloaf, candlelight is so much more romantic!
  7. Join him in the shower. So much the better if he doesn't know you're planning it!
  8. Look pretty for him. Even when you don't feel like it, just putting on a little lipstick will help you look fresh. Try not to meet him at the door wearing sweats.
  9. Leave him notes. On the mirror, in his briefcase, in his lunch.
  10. And last but certainly not least, Pray together. There is something wonderfully uniting about hearing your spouse thank God for you.


  1. Number 10... prayer together, the best tip of all! But I like these ones a lot too: Start things up. You do know that physical intimacy doesn't always have to be his idea, right? Good. Speaking of which...

    Clean sheets. Always a good idea.

    You make me chuckle, Jana. Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday. Just a quick reminder to vote for next month's topic, if you haven't already. :~D

  2. Thanks for the tips -

    but man, right now the thought of anything romantic with my huge 6 month prego belly is like asking me to eat rocks.

  3. Great tips! I plan on doing the surprise in the shower idea as well as praying together. What a better way to end the evening!