Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A good dentist is harder to be found than silver, yea, than much silver filling

I just got back from the dentist. I'm not someone who is afraid of the dentist or anything like that. But I have learned that there are good ones, and there are not-so-good ones. We just switched from one dentist we were less than happy with, to one who had been recommended by someone Hubby works with. I had been happy with him up until my last appointment.

See, we were sitting around eating dinner one night and I bit down on something and a horrible stabbing pain shot through my mouth. So I told the dentist a week or so later during my normal checkup. He did an x-ray, said he didn't see anything, and that was it. Today, they had a new dentist in the office, a younger guy who we found out was from New York City. I tell him the problem, which has still been bothering me, and instantly he says, "Sounds like a fracture."

So now I need to go back for a filling. Which I would have been more than happy to do six months ago if only the dentist would have actually looked at my teeth! It seems fractures don't show up in x-rays. This new dentist figured out what it was by listening to what I said. What a concept!


  1. OMG - do not even get me started on dentists.

    When we moved to our new place we found a new dentist (a relatively young guy). My hubby had the first appt and came home pissed - seems the new dentist found all this work that needed to be done (our other faithful trusted dentist found none). My hubby said, "I want a 2nd opinion).

    Well - what do you know....I saw the new Young dentist driving a freaking Hummer. If my dentist can afford a Hummer - than he is either charging too much or doing unnecessary work. HMPH. We never went back.

  2. This must be dentist day - you are the second one I have read with dentists today and I even posted about it this morning LOL

    I had a fracture like that. And it bothered me for months until the right dentist (the good one) found the problem and fixed it.
    AND I am one that HATES the dentist.....even if he/she is the best - I still don't like

  3. I hate going to the dentist. Positively hate it! And I have a good one!