Monday, February 12, 2007

Two years!

Yesterday marked two years since I started this little blog o' mine. It's gone through a lot of changes as I learned HTML and switched templates. I like this one, though. I think I'll stick with it a while. I've added things to my sidebar, and taken other things away. I've written about sad things and happy things and totally silly things. I've written 645 posts.

But more than that, I have "met" some wonderful people. There's an amazing community in blogging that non-bloggers don't see or understand. I love that. Some of my favorite bloggers and commenters have quit and I still miss them. But I truly appreciate all of you who come by here every day to see what I'm up to, even though you don't always comment (hint hint). Seeing the numbers go up in my little comments spaces makes my day.

So what do you get on the second blogiversary?


  1. Soooo hmmmm what do you get for a bloggerversary??? Thinking thinking.......

  2. I've never kept track of my blog anniversary. Not sure when I started or how many posts (except that it's a lot. I've discovered that much while trying to go back and add these new fangled labels to stuff. LOL.)

    Glad to have "met" you here and met you for real :)

    To many more years!

  3. You get a big 'WELL DONE!' on your second blogaversary!

  4. You get BIG blog hugs :-)

    I love my blogger friends too, and I too get tickled when I have lots o comments :-)

    Happy Anniversary :-)

  5. Comments mean so much to bloggers I cant figure out why so many bloggers dont leave comments. It doesnt make any sense.

    I have blogged for three and half years and have no idea how many posts I have. On my blog now I have 780 some.


  6. Thanks everybody!

    Mrs. D, you're right, I don't get it either! And wow, that's a lot of posts!

  7. I think on your second blogiversary you should get a medal for longevity. Most blogs don't make it that far!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  8. Happy 2 years! Ya know, I just realized that this month makes two years for me too! It's interesting to look back.