Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here we go again

I had the three older boys all ready to go to co-op this morning. I sent the four year old to wake up the two year old. He opened the door, yelled, "Ew! Yuck!" and ran away. I knew then what was coming. The toddler now has the stomach thing. It was everywhere. So, I quickly called to let them know I wouldn't be at co-op, and then started cleaning.

The four year old started crying when he heard we weren't going, so I tried to explain that I didn't want to take his brother when it was likely he'd throw up some more, probably more than once, and I might have to clean it up. But then my seven year old had to present me with different scenarios.

"What if he threw up on the way to the building, in the parking lot? What if he threw up in the car? What if his teacher didn't tell you he threw up?"

"It doesn't matter, because we're not going, but obviously I'd rather he didn't throw up anywhere."

Luckily, Hubby was willing to come take the boys to co-op and pick them up at noon, so they weren't disappointed. Now if only I could find someone else to clean up after the toddler.


  1. oh poor things (little one and you). Being sick is no fun but cleaning it up is well no fun - not sure which is worse.....

    Hope he is feeling well soon

  2. Awwww... poor kid...

    I just realized I somehow deleted your blog from my bloglines... *sigh* No wonder i thought you hadn't blogged in forever. Sorry about that. *hug*

  3. Every blog I read today h as someone cleaning up puke or dealing with the crud. Ya gotta love winter. Hope the sickness leaves your house soon!

  4. Cheeky - thanks!

    Jana B - No worries - good to see you back!

    Mrs. D - LOL! Thanks!

  5. I started throwing up last night...I'm home today. I haven't thrown up all night, but I still feel icky :-( I think I caught it from you ;-)
    I hope your little one gets better fast. It's always so hard when little ones are sick, and all you want to do is fix it :-(