Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Taking the "co" out of co-op

Today is the first Tuesday of ten Tuesdays of homeschool co-op. I am on the committee, so I have to be there early. Yippee. I don't do early. So I am sitting here guzzling my coffee, waiting for the caffeine to kick in so I can at least look awake as I sit and watch other people teach. Nobody signed up for my class. Not even one. So I will be assisting with Karate and with Beginning Recorder.

I also realized at ten last night that I was supposed to bring cookies. I have no cookies. And I certainly don't have the energy to bake any. In fact, I haven't even been to the store for a week and a half, except a run to WalMart when we were at my grandmother's house Saturday, but I certainly wasn't thinking about co-op then. I wonder how mad they'll be that I show up with no cookies.

Oh, well, off to wake the boys and get this fun-fest started!


  1. Oh I hope you can stay awake....but wait - I think beginning recorder will keep you from dozing...hehe

  2. I hope your day goes ok toots!

  3. ACK - the recorder. My nemesis.

    I think buying some Chips A'hoy at the local 7-11 will be okay.

  4. Haven't been here in awhile. Hope all goes well with the co-op.