Thursday, February 15, 2007

A sweet day

Since it was Valentine's Day yesterday, the boys and I decided to learn about chocolate. We went to a website that shows how chocolate is made and explored that, and then we made some chocolates of our own. The only mold I had was little alligators, which don't really go with Valentine's, but whatever. I had some extra chocolate, so I made little bars in an ice cube tray.

Oh, typical. I had a picture of them to post, but Blogger won't let me. Maybe I'll come back later. :(

UPDATE: Okay, I got it to work!


  1. I'd love to see pictures!!!!!

    I'm impressed with your chocolate lesson! Very good "thinking outside the box" skills :-) Um, can you please send me a choc-o-croc now? Thanks :-)

  2. They may be gators, but they still look YUMMY! Oh I have to go find some chocolate...~drool~

  3. Those turned out really cute!!

  4. I love those alligators. I think that they should be part of the valentines tradition! ;-)