Wednesday, February 21, 2007


What does my scanner want from me? Blood?

I have been trying to participate in WBW for an hour now. An hour. And my brand new HP Photosmart 3200 all-in-one printer/scanner/copier won't scan. And do you know why? Guess. You'll never guess.

It says there's a paper jam.

I can truly say I did not see that one coming. How can there be a paper jam when I'm trying to scan? I did not tell it to scan and print. I told it to scan. But, no, it says there's a paper jam.

So I checked the printer. No jam. I even printed something just to make sure. I came back to the computer. It still won't scan. Same reason.

So I updated my software. I got all of HPs little widgets and patches and installed them and restarted my computer twice. It gives me the same error. So I officially give up. There will be no WBW from me this week.

Why does technology hate me?


  1. Yeah you got the card but ummm I mailed it BEFORE heart day and it took THAT long? hehe

    Yeah, me and technology don't get along either LOL

  2. Did you try shutting the whole thing down, the printer and the computer and starting it all up over again? Soemtimes that helps.

  3. yeah - did you try that whole Reboot thing? sometimes it actually works.

    However, my cheap little scanjet 4470 just gave up and quit on me a couple of weeks ago. No reason, no warnings - absolutely no power. Won't turn on. yes, technology sucks.

  4. "'PC Load Letter'? What the fuck does that mean?"

    Sorry, that just reminded me of Office Space.

    I hope you two kiss and make up soon!