Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WBW - Somebody cue the stripper music

For this week's WBW, TKW wants us to show some skin. Only one picture came to mind when I saw the theme.
My dad was a wedding photographer for many years, so naturally he did some photos at our wedding. This was one of his standard ones, where the groom pretends to take off the bride's dress with a lecherous look on his face. I think Hubby managed a slightly embarrassed lecherous look, but then, so would you if your father-in-law were standing there watching. And wow, look at the red mark on my shoulder blade and arm! I had forgotten how much that dress cut into me. Oh, and that face I'm making? I'm supposed to be winking.

So, did you play?


  1. Thanks for the giggle this evening!

  2. What a fun picture, Jana ! :)

  3. I've never seen that 'shot' done by anyone before!

    Yes, your hubby looks a little embarrassed... but OW look at your arm! What we women do to look beautiful eh?


    PS: I could tell it was a wink!!!