Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Attack of the S.A.U.s

Hubby and I play this game where he asks me if he is annoying me.

If I answer no, he'll do something even more annoying, like poking me. "How about now?" he'll say.

Eventually I have to say yes because, eventually, it's true! So the other night he starts out with "Am I annoying you?"

Not in the mood to be picked on, I answered (completely joking here), "You've been annoying me since the day we met." Just then, my 20 month old walks in and starts pulling on me.

"You have to admit, I've gotten more efficient at it," Hubby said. "Now I have these cute little satellite annoyance units to help me. I can do four times the annoying in the same amount of time."

Yeah, I married a comedian.

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