Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WBW - Isn't that amusing?

For Way Back Wednesday this week, we're doing pictures of us at amusement parks. It was a rare summer that I didn't go to an amusement park, so I was surprised to find so few pictures. Probably because I was the one taking them, I didn't get in them. But I did manage to find these photos from our second honeymoon (so called because it took place six months after our first and because we actually had a relaxing and enjoyable time. Remind me to tell you about the first honeymoon sometime). We went to Disney and Universal in Florida for free because we had a friend whose cousin worked at Universal and whose same cousin's girlfriend worked at Disney.
So here I am with Ricky and Lucy at Universal Studios. This was in 1992, by the way. Notice the awesomely cool fanny pack. Can you believe I'm such a dork I spoke Spanish to Ricky? Yeah I did.

This is one of those optical illusion things. They have an area of Universal that looks like a New York street, and if you stand under this cutout image and take a picture from a precise location, it's supposed to look like the NY skyline behind you. It works a lot better if you turn off your flash.

Yes, I am taking pictures of pictures again. Sorry. Anyway, here's hubby going all psycho on me in front of the Bates house from Psycho. I could be wrong, but I don't think this is there anymore. They also had a Hitchcock stage show where they picked the friend who'd brought us to be the psycho attacking the lady in the shower. He does a really good psycho face, so it was cool. That was a fun trip.

So, did you play?


  1. LOL at the turning your flash off on the NYC backdrop...I didn't notice that until you said it!!

    I'm impressed that you spoke Spanish to Ricky...did he actually speak Spanish or was he just payed to look like he did?

  2. If he didn't, he was very good at acting like he did.