Monday, September 18, 2006

The O without the B

Remember that Seinfeld episode where the valet's body odor remains in Jerry's car long after the valet has gotten out? Eventually he has to get rid of the car because he can't get rid of the smell. Well, I have the same problem with my dining room.

I first noticed it when I sat down to use my laptop in there. I thought it must be the chair, so I spritzed it with fabric refresher and went about my day. The next time I came into the room, it was still there. At this point, I started wondering where it came from. I don't think anyone in this family smells like that. I mean, I'm pretty familiar with all the different odors around here, and this one is foreign. I can't think of anyone who has been lounging in my dining room lately. Whose B did this O come from?

But regardless, my mission now was to get rid of it. I got my handy spray bottle out again, and began spraying all the fabric in the room, including the entire length and width of the rug. Again thinking I had won out, I went about my business. But the next time I entered the room, there it was! This horrendous odor, with no source. I started sniffing around the room like a bloodhound. The odor was elusive. One second I could smell it, the next I couldn't. To make matters worse, Hubby couldn't smell it at all (though he finally did later).

So now I'm wondering if this smell is contained in one of the thousand books in the room (which I use as a library rather than a dining room). I've been sniffing up and down the shelves, but nothing. It's plaguing me. It's like we have a really smelly poltergeist. I'm almost ready to try the odor exorcism.

Anyone know a priest who specializes in odors? Maybe I should get him to bless my bottle of fabric refresher.

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