Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What was 90's fashion?

I'm not going to pretend to know the answer to that question. However, for this week's WBW, one picture immediately came to mind. The year was 1995, and I went to my first Rockapella concert. Now, just knowing that, you know that I was trying to look my very best for these guys. So clearly I thought the outfit I chose for the occasion was H.O.T. So let's check it out, shall we?

Nondescript black pants, pretty baggy though, and black shoes. Green silk shirt, also slightly oversized, not tucked in. And the finishing touch, the black faux-leather vest, not buttoned of course. It looks like I got up late and didn't finish getting dressed. "Never mind the buttons, we've got to get to the concert!" It also looks like I'm trying to hide about 15 extra pounds. Unfortunately, this was about the skinniest I have been in my adult life, and for some unknown reason, I'm covering it up!

So like I said, this may or may not be 90s fashion, but I certainly thought I was "all that." And just as a side note, the fashion for men that year appears to have been oxfords over t-shirts.

Did you play?

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  1. I'd rather be a leader than a follower of fashion!