Thursday, September 14, 2006

Go, Mommy, Go!

Wouldn't it be nice if life really worked like certain children's shows? For example, Go, Diego, Go! This is a very cute show, and I often find myself envying the ease with which everything gets done in Diego's world.

"Hi, I'm Mommy, and I'm a child rescuer! Did you hear that scream? Which child did it belong to? Let's ask Click the Camera!"

Soy Click, la camera, I can take a pic,
I can see and hear the screaming child in trouble.
Into the basement or out in the yard,
To find the screaming one it isn't hard.

Along the way, of course, there are obstacles. "Oh, no, we have to cross the river of spilled chocolate milk! Luckily we have Rescue Pack! Say, 'Activate!' Louder! Activate!"

"I'm Rescue Pack, coming to the rescue! (Al rescate!)
Rescue Pack, I've got your back, I can turn into a vacuum cleaner
Or a straight jacket.
Paintbrush, dog leash, whatever you need! Rescue Pack!
Tell Mommy she needs a wet dry vac to cross the river of spilled chocolate milk!"

Naturally, my handy Rescue Pack turns into the wet dry vac, I clean up the mess, and continue on my quest.

Oh, no! I want to go down the steps, but the Bobos are playing with their cars! To make them stop, we have to say, "Move, Bobos!" Say it with me! "Move, Bobos!"

And just like that, the little monkeys move out of the way. No arguments. I would love to have just this power by itself!

Finally, we reach the basement. There's the screaming child! He's being kicked in the head by his older brother! All we have to do is say, "Go away!" and the mean child will leave him alone! Say it with me now, "Go away!" Louder! "Go away!"

We did it! We rescued the screaming child! Go, Mommy, Go!

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