Friday, September 15, 2006

SPF - TV edition

After reading Kristine's post today, I hope this will cheer her up a bit should she venture over here. It's a fun assignment!

My television:Got it on clearance at Sam's Club. I love watching movies on this thing. Four words: Life-size Orlando Bloom.

My show:
I don't have a picture for this. My show, starring me, is called Casa Testosterone. It's the story of a busy mom of four boys who sometimes feels like the only woman in the universe. Of course, there are lots of bodily function jokes, lots of laughs when the boys bring home snakes or toads and they escape in the house, and chuckles galore when they use mommy's sanitary products to build towers in the living room in front of company. Not that any of those things really happened, but you have to admit it would be funny on a television show.

My new cast member:
Kelly Ripa. After several seasons, the producers decide we need more women on this show. Kelly is the natural pick since she and I were born only a couple of days apart and I have always gotten along really well with people born the same month and year as I was. I have so much in common with her, it's scary. I think she'd make a great wacky next-door neighbor. I have nothing against my current neighbor, but she works and I stay home, so there's not really a lot of chance to hang out with her. If Kelly were my neighbor, we'd go to each other's houses for coffee and there would be sparklingly witty conversations. Maybe a few years down the road, her daughter could date one of my sons and we'd become in-laws. How cool would that be?

So, did you play?


  1. Four boys? How are you not drunk all the time? I have one boy and I like to drink....

    And your TV - I'm soooo jealous. I want a life size Johnny Depp. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I didn't play cause it took too much brainwork LOL! But I love the thought of a life size Orly!

    I have a cardboard standee of him as Legolas...and I want one of Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Legolas needs someone to keep him company, no?