Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was not a joiner

WBW this week is supposed to be pictures of us in organizations like 4H or Girl Scouts. Well, I was never a joiner when I was a kid. I lived in my own little fantasy world and I let other people into my club. Hmm, much like today. In elementary school, I found some friends who thought the same way I did and we formed our own little club. We were buddies all the way through graduation. These were people who stood by me no matter what, even when I was not always the best friend they could have had.
I'm the one on the bottom left. We called ourselves The Fun Bunch, which is what that sign says. We didn't have a uniform or a secret handshake or anything. The only requirement to being in The Fun Bunch was that you had to be at least as nuts as we were. There was one other member who isn't in this picture, but this was pretty much the whole group. Yes, we were very picky about letting people in. Let's just say we weren't the popular kids and leave it at that, okay?

Over the years I have been in and out of touch with them. Just the other day, I decided to email Michele, who I would say was my best friend in high school. I've had her work email address for ages, and just hadn't gotten around to getting in touch with her again. Well, she still works for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and I'm hoping we'll be able to get together for lunch soon. How cool is that? (I gave her this blog address, too - so, if you're reading this, Hi, Michele!)

Nowadays I'm much more of a joiner. You should see my Patch the Pirate Club uniform.

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