Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is he wise, or cynical?

A couple of weeks ago I bought these two bottles of coffee flavoring syrups at Sam's Club. I'd been wanting to try syrups forever, and at $4 a bottle, it seemed like a good time. So I picked out Kahlua flavored, and raspberry flavored.

One evening, as I was pouring some raspberry syrup into my coffee, I noticed something on the label. I turned to Hubby. "Look, " I said, "they have all sorts of recommendations on here. You can put this on ice cream, in tea - ooo, that would be good, raspberry tea. Oh, and there are recipes on their website!"

He looked at me. "Uh huh. You know, they probably wouldn't mind if you just drank it straight from the bottle."

And standing there, holding that $4 bottle of syrup, I had to admit he was probably right.

I'm still going to try it in tea though. Just once.

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