Monday, August 14, 2006

Meebo Me!

Some of you may have noticed the little widget over on the right, which says "IM Jana." It's a cool little thing I came across somewhere or other which allows people to IM me right on my blog. But it doesn't stop there. Meebo also keeps track of IMs I get from MSN, Yahoo, and AOL and sends them all to one place. No more signing in to multiple IMs to get messages! It's very neat. So if you ever see the little green bubble that says I'm online, drop me an IM - let's chat!

Now what would be a fun thing to do with my Meebo? Well, of course - we'll have a Trivial Pursuit challenge! I know several people have commented that they're good at trivia and no one really wants to play The Game with them anymore (including me). So here's what I propose: we meet here for a Trivial Pursuit game! If you're interested either email me or leave a comment. Or Meebo me! I'm thinking a Tuesday night would be good (but not this week - I want to give people a chance to sign up). The only rule is no googling! The winner will receive a cool button for his or her blog. I'll take the first six people who sign up!


  1. A Tuesday night or THIS tuesday night?? Either way, I'll give it a shot. Want my MSN addy?

  2. Yep - just email it to me!