Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Woe is me Wednesday

I wanted to play Way Back Wednesday today, but my scanner is not working. Actually, I think it's a communication issue, because the scanner itself is working fine. The computer just won't admit it.

So, what shall I talk about instead? We have a tenant who just moved out, so I need to start interviewing people who want the place. Obviously, I'll run background checks and all, but what happens when I have two or more equally good candidates? I hate that. Then I have to make a judgment call. I'm not really much good at judgment calls. I tend to look at things emotionally instead of logically.

Let me pose this question to you: if you were applying to rent a house, and there weren't any reason financially or a criminal record or something for you to be turned down, how would you want to be told that you didn't get the house?

Last time, I just never called them back. I don't like confrontations. But that's not very professional, or polite for that matter. Aren't I awful?


  1. I would just not call them back. If they are that interested, they'll call you. And then you can just say "I'm sorry, but...."

  2. When I managed my grandma's rentals, I just didn't call them back. Maybe you could send them a letter? Word of warning, don't give any reason other than someone else was selected. My g-ma was sued for discrimination after selecting another tennant. The only reason she selected the other was because they had the entire deposit. Had a lot of legal fees over that one.