Thursday, August 17, 2006

You might have PMS if... get all teary-eyed watching America's Got Talent. What's up with that? That is about the least tear-inducing show I can think of.

Did you watch this? The boys and I started watching it back during the auditions, and they got such a big kick out of it that they wanted to see it every week. They especially liked the guy in the cow suit. There have been several acts I've been very impressed with. But I'm not sure why they let professionals in to the competition. I can see if you perform in competitions, or if you just locally perform on the weekends, but there are at least two groups in the finals who have been professionally performing their acts for the last 15 years or more. Some of the other finalists aren't even 15 years old! Does that seem fair?

And if there's no rule against being professionals, why isn't Rockapella in this competition? Let me tell you, if you think At Last (the guy a cappella group on the show) is any good, you must run out and buy a Rockapella album immediately. Even on their worst day, they are a million times better than At Last. Seriously, if you've searched on "At Last" and ended up on my site, go NOW to Rockapella's website and get yourself a really good group to listen to.

Anyway, my pick for the winner would be the jugglers, Passing Zone. I know, I know, they're jugglers. And they're professionals. But they are both talented and hilarious, and that always gets my vote. Of course, the little girl, Bianca Ryan, was fantastic too. But she doesn't have a family to support. Now I've got to watch tonight to see who won.

I'm going to have the tissues ready.

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