Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In the middle of difficulty

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity .”
~ Albert Einstein~

My favorite verse for many years has been Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. I have found these words to be true over and over again in my own life, and in others' as well.

Two weeks ago, my sons attended Good News Camp, run by the local Child Evangelism Fellowship office. It's a beautiful location, on several acres, with a pond and a stream, an outdoor chapel, and everything boys and girls need for a fun day at camp. But the camp might never have had the opportunity to use that property if not for a great tragedy.

The doctor and his wife had four boys. One day, they were all outside, riding their bikes, and the little one, only 3, was riding his tricycle. Not realizing that the driveway ended, he continued riding out into the road. He was hit by a car and killed. I cannot imagine the heartache and pain that his family went through in the weeks and months that followed. I've met the doctor, and he still has a sadness in his eyes when he sees a little boy about his son's age. What a horrible, horrible thing.

And yet, God used it for good. Soon after the little boy's death, the doctor became aware of a need for a good location for Good News Camp. He had been privileged to lead his little boy to Christ several weeks before his death, and immediately he realized the importance of CEF's ministry. How wonderful it would be if many more little boys and girls could come and hear the Good News! So he opened up his property. They built a chapel in memory of his son, and they tell this story every week of camp to the campers who've come to play and learn. Because of one family's tragedy, many thousands of children have come to know Christ.

Sometimes it can be so hard to imagine what God's reason could be in letting things happen to us. I've come across so many blogs in which people have given up on God because they think He's given up on them. We have to remember that God doesn't live in time like we do. He can see the whole picture, beginning to end. In every difficulty, He gives us the opportunity to trust and rely on Him. When difficulty comes, take the opportunity to thank God for it, and look for the opportunity He's provided to make all things work together for good.


  1. Oh this is soo true. So many times you hear of a tragedy that really formed a great blessing.

  2. Awwww... that's really good how God took a tragedy and used it for such good... I'm sure each time they see kids praying at the camp, that doctor and his family are comforted.

  3. That is so true, it has happened to me, the most recent is still a little to painful to share. Though as time passes and the pain lestens I'm sure God will show me the right time to bring the story for his glory.
    thank you.

  4. very interesting, that last paragraph. I never looked at it like that before.

  5. thank you for the post, I am going to begin today to thank God for the difficulties...specifically, because you are right, He WILL use them for good...a friend reminds me often, "If God brings you to it, HE will get you through it..." Thanking God today for the difficulties...its HIS chance to use me!!Amen and well said!

  6. How true! Everything that happens, whether good or bad, can be used to give glory to God.

  7. This is such an inspiring story! It's so great to see Christians whose faith doesn't die in tragedy, but who bless others instead.


  8. wow. That is an incredible illustration. I'm so happy the dr. saw the opportunity rather than going down the road of hate.. hugs!

  9. Thank you for sharing this story. Although very sad, like you said, God used it for the good.
    When my dad died at the age of 52 - I was very angry and didn't understand why God would take him from us. But it turned out for the good. Dad is no longer suffering and I have grown closer to God...