Monday, May 07, 2007

A Cappella, Chapter Two

I finally have Chapter Two of my novel to the place where I want some feedback. If you go to my portfolio, you'll find Chapter Two ready to view, as well as Chapter One if you missed it. I've been doing some major editing of the following four chapters as well, but they're a long way from ready.

I look forward to your comments! Are the characters believable? Are Ellie's actions believable, if not understandable? Do you sympathize with her or just think she's stupid? Is there enough description of the setting? Don't hold back on me - I used to be critiqued by grad students when I was a freshman in college - I can take harsh criticism.



  1. Yes - the characters are believable....and Ellie seems to be typical in her response toward Kevin - which, of course, pisses me off - because I get so angry with women who go back to abusive men.

    I think there could be more description of her feelings toward Kevin...she goes back to him - BUT it is almost like she is just going through the motions and isn't really that interested.

    I am intrigued though - and can't wait til Chapter 3 to finally meet the neighbor.

  2. oh oh oh, what happens next? Can't wait for chapter 3.
    hmm, I was a bit confused by the line that talked about moving from technical manuels to non-fiction. Will that be made more clear later (as in like her past job and what she's doing now) or did I just not read it right.
    I know it's not a bit deal, but it just stuck out at me in my creation of my mental image on Ellie, cos I wan't quite sure what it mean.
    I think that makes sense, but if not my excuse is that it's gone 11pm and I really ought to be in bed!

  3. Remind me to read it tomorrow :-)

  4. Karmyn - Thanks! I will get more into her feelings in Ch.3, but you're right, I need to put a lot more of that in Ch. 2.

    Debs - yes, she used to write tech manuals. I'll go back and make that more clear - thanks!

    Arlene - okay, it's tomorrow ;)

  5. Oohhhhhhhhhhhh you've been writing again!!! YEAH!!!!!

    I'll read it soon, and tell you what I think.