Thursday, May 24, 2007

LOST finale (Spoiler alert)

Wow! What a finale! It is cruel and inhuman of the producers to make us wait until February of next year. In fact, I considered not watching when I knew it was going to be that long. But curiosity won out and I'm glad.

Now, I know I'm not the only one out there analyzing this show. But I would like to point out that absolutely nothing of my theory from last year has been disproved. If anything, it's been strengthened. Why would Penny be the first face who popped up on the Looking Glass screen? Because her father was part of starting Dharma. The other end of the communicator is in her house. Fits perfectly.

Hubby totally called the "flashbacks" of Jack as "flashforwards" or an alternate universe, one or the other. I was leaning toward alternate universe because he had a beard, and in Star Trek they always had facial hair in alternate universes. Now the question is, was this an actual flash forward, to an unwritten future, or will the show now take place in the present and the flashbacks will be to the island?

Either way, it looks like Ben was telling the truth for once. Though of course no one was going to believe him. I bet his loser dad never read him "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Now, the question for me is, did Ben actually have some sort of glimpse into the future via Jacob, or Desmond-like? Or was he just stating in general that life is better on the island? And why was he willing to let Jack and Juliet go on the submarine if life was going to be so horrible for Jack later?

And why did Jack tell that other doctor to go get his father? Is Jack's father actually alive somewhere on the island and gets rescued with them? Or was Jack just so wasted that he forgot his own father has been dead for four-plus years? It seems unlikely. If Mikhail can keep coming back from the dead, why not Jack's father? I'm just saying.

Whose funeral was unattended? We know it was someone from the island because it's someone Jack and Kate both knew. Would it be Sawyer? I don't know, I think sentimentally Jack would have admitted to being friends with Sawyer. And that would go for anyone else I can think of from the island. Except one. My money is on Ben being the one in that coffin. Think about it. Ben has no family. He certainly has no friends. Who would mourn his passing? No one. And yet Jack would feel drawn to the funeral, perhaps mourning not the man, but the idyllic past he has been trying desperately to reclaim. Of course, we can't say for sure, because Jack said nothing to the deceased (which usually people will do on television).

The other thing that intrigued me was the landing strip Juliet told Sawyer they were building. "For the aliens," hahaha. What is it really for? The Others sure seem to do a lot of contradictory stuff. They don't want anyone to know about the island, but they want to build a landing strip for someone to land there? Huh?

I'm sure I'll watch this a bunch more times before next February, and see things I didn't see last night. These are just my instant reactions to the show. This was the best finale of the first three seasons, hands down. Kudos to the writers!


  1. Interesting thoughts! I also have a summary and some questions over by my blog too (

    Here's one of the biggest mysteries to me, now that Season 3 is concluded. Who or what organization air-dropped the Dharma supplies? Ben killed the Dharma folk - so why would there still be Dharma supplies?

    Oh the mysteries of Lost!

  2. Good review, Jana, thanks! I pretty much predicted the flip from flashbacks to flashforwards in my review last week - and they handled it perfectly last night. Lost Finale: Flashforwards

  3. Great review and interesting theory (from last year). I've always wondered what role Widmore Industries played (and all of those Widmore PG tests). So far I like Penny, but we don't see her often.

    I still cannot figure out how Penny would have known to watch for the electromagnetic anomaly. Hoping someone would use the failsafe, I guess?

    Thanks for stopping by and adding your link to my post!

  4. Good review, there are so many theory's and now we all must wait for 8 months that sucks. Did you see the theory that Kate is Annie? On a side note if we joined family's we would almost have a baseball team

  5. awesome, awesome review... you hit on all the main points/questions i had after watching the season 3 finale. things im still confused by:

    -like dave said, who did drop the dharma supplies?
    -i still want to know more about dharma: like the numbers, all those hydraulic tubes with the notebooks in them, etc
    -how can mikhail keep returning from the dead?
    -what is the black smoke monster "security system"

    i could go on forever. gotta love LOST. cant wait til im 8 months older just so we can start watching season 4