Friday, May 04, 2007

Onesies for Faith

Stacie is a mom of four, whose blog I've been reading for almost the whole time I've been in the blogosphere. Her youngest, Faith, is about the same age as my youngest little boy. Faith has had many health problems since she was born. My heart always fell when I would read that Faith was once again in the hospital with pneumonia, on breathing treatments, or even when she had a cold because that always led to something worse.

Finally, after many tests, doctors have diagnosed Faith with 22q Deletion Syndrome, a genetic problem. She's going to need surgery to place a feeding tube, because of her aspiration problems. My prayers are with this family, as always.

After the surgery, the doctor wants Faith to wear onesies, the little tops that snap underneath, so that she won't easily be able to get to the PEG tube or pull it out. Stacie is having a onesie drive for Faith, because she doesn't have any for her right now. I've already said I'll send her some onesies. If you can spare the cost of a pack of onesies, size 2t, please email Stacie(oneladymedic(at) and let her know. She'll give you their address.

And I know she'd appreciate your prayers, too. Thanks.


  1. Aaaaaa, how precious! I will pray for this little girl.

  2. What a horrible thing to have to go through as a parent :-(

  3. how awful she's in my thoughts and prayers.