Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WCW - Heroes

For this week's WCW, I didn't so much take a picture as make a collage. See, yesterday I said that I knew Nathan on Heroes was a good guy. But why was I so sure?

Could it be his resemblance to a certain other hero - one Sam Beckett? You don't have to be a fan of Quantum Leap or Heroes to see this.

I don't think I'm imagining things here, people! What do you think? I think anybody who looks like Sam Beckett (played by Scott Bakula, of course) just has to be a good guy. I suppose time will tell whether my theory of "good by reason of resemblance" pans out or not.


  1. They do look very much alike, and both hot!

  2. Ewwww... Scott Bakula is gross! No wonder Nathan annoys me so much!!

  3. I think that Ive never heard of either of these characters! One of us is on a different planet! LOL

  4. So...Nathan did something good in the finale???