Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chickpea guts

I recently bought some hummus at Sam's Club - they were giving out samples and it was really tasty. And it's pretty good for you, too. So, the other day we made some pumpernickel in the breadmaker, and I tried a piece of it spread with hummus. Yummy!

I went to Hubby. "You've got to try the bread with hummus," I said enthusiastically.

He looked at me like I just said he should lick his own shoe. "Um, what is hummus?"

"It's chickpeas. Ground chickpeas. With a little bit of spice. It's good."

He still looked unsure. "I thought it was that Scottish stuff with sheep guts."

"That's haggis! This is hummus. Totally different."

He reluctantly tried it, carefully nibbling one corner of my bread as though it was going to nibble back. Then he had to agree that yes, it was good! Silly man.


  1. OMW!!!! When I read that, I thought of haggis too!!!! *giggle*

  2. Hummis and haggis - hee hee. I wonder what he would think of baba ganoush