Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bunch of stuff

Thanks to everyone who read my chapter yesterday. And if you didn't, what are you waiting for?

My oldest son had his homeschool evaluation last night. As always, the evaluator made me feel so much better about school in particular and life in general. She has a two year old also, a foster daughter, who screams just as much as my 2-yr-old, so I asked how she gets school done with that going on. She gave me a few helpful pointers, and sympathized with me in my search for a boarding preschool (just kidding - but any mom of a toddler knows what I mean). All in all, she said we're doing an excellent job, so I'm happy.

We have soccer practice tonight, which isn't terribly exciting for me, but the boys love it. While the 7-yr-old practices, the other three run around like maniacs. I should say the other four, because Hubby runs around too. At least there are other moms there to talk to. I really hit it off with one lady in particular. She's also homeschooling, and then I found out she lives on a side street from our street! I'm going to invite her over sometime - our kids seem to get along pretty well, and they can run around outside while we sit inside and chat over coffee.

Okay, on Heroes last night, how did Sylar unfreeze time? Or did Hiro just lose his concentration? That was disappointing. What's it going to take for someone to kill this guy? And why didn't Suresh kill him when he was knocked out a couple of episodes ago? Stupid.

Finally, you might have noticed I haven't picked a favorite on Dancing With the Stars this season. I can't. I like them all. Well, maybe not Billy Ray. He is an awful dancer, no matter how fun he is to watch. But I can't pick between the other four. Much like AI. I like them all. Who do you like?

Okay, enough of this randomness. I'm sure there's something I'm supposed to be doing.


  1. Freezing time could be useful for anyone being late at the office.

  2. I don't watch Heroes.... You still watch LOST? It's been AMAZING lately. I was losing interest end of last season but I'm so glad I held on.

    Congrats on the kids doing well :) Good job, Mama :)

  3. J-L - It could be useful for SO many things!

    Tee - Absolutely I watch LOST!! It is awesome lately. Although I know the finale is going to have me tearing my hair out.

  4. OMW! I have NO IDEA how Sylar did that!!! SO WIERD!!!

    It was SO SAD to watch Sylar with him mommy... if she had said he was enough, just as he was, would he have changed from evil to good? Gone back to making watches and enjoying his life? Poor Sylar.